Zombie Survival Events

There’s a new website out on the web and it’s becoming popular pretty fast; http://www.zedevents.co.uk/

What is this? It’s a new full zombie immersion program that allows you to fully emerge yourself in a zombie apocalypse. In real life!

What you will experience:
- Basic Weapons training (basic pistols, shotgun and melee weapons)
- Movie quality Special Effects and props
- Very realistic story lines with you as a main character
- Amazing locations
- Fear, dread, terror…. and finally (if you live) pride in your ability to survive

The starting price depends on the experience you want, starting at £80 per person. Saw that did you? Yes, that was a British pound. Which means this is only in Britain. And it’s only for 3 hours.
Although the zombie genre is growing and growing and spawned mostly from Britain, I think we need a few of these in North America!

If you want to check out a few more of their videos, look at their youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/ZedEventsUK

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Zombie Shopping Mall

Nope, this isn’t the place you go to buy zombie gear (although that would be fantastic to have!). This is an old shopping mall that closed down in 2004 and is now being used to kill zombies.
For the price of £119.00 you can join a team, shoot airsoft weapons, and endure the screams that will be produced by this experience.
What is it exactly? It’s a mall full of dressed up people (zombies) who try to kill you (not for real, you’d have to pay more than £119.00 for that experience!). You start with a team and survive for 4 hours.
For all the people out there who long for a Zombie Apocalypse, the ZA, this is perfect for you! There’s just one catch…
It’s in Reading[, Berkshire], Britain!

Check out the page

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Zombie Survival Class

Michigan state has announced they will be supporting University Professor Glenn Stutzky’s new summer Zombie Survival course.
But before you scream out loud, “WICKED! I’M SO GOING!”, you need to know it’s not about killing reanimated corpses.
This course looks at human behavior and survival tactics in a post apocalyptic world. Why? Well let’s be honest for a second. Killing zombies is sweet, yeah, and we usually think of them as being our No 1 enemy in a ZA (Zombie Apocalypse). But in reality, other human beings would be our No 1 enemy. And this class will teach, not only to survive, but how this scenario would effect people and show who they really are – for better or for worse.

Here’s the video:

For anyone who is actually considering this class, and has the ability to get to Michigan, you may want to keep an eye on this page. It’s the actual course page that will provide all the information necessary.

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Ripped Zombie Face Effect

This video will show us how to create a rip in your face and show your teeth, as well as adding the pale zombie look.
The best part? All in-home material is used. Anything you need to buy is super cheap.

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Zombie Survival Guide


When the virus first breaks out the first thing you need to do is become mentally prepared for anything that comes your way. The best way to do this: detach yourself from everything. This is vital. If you do not switch off your emotions instantly, you are prone to becoming a walker.

This is where a lot of people hesitate and end up getting infected. They are so connected to their possessions that they try and take too much with them, or stay to protect what they have. Realize that you won’t need to do this; When you are one of the few people left on the planet, basically anything is yours.

People are also, naturally, attached to their friends and family. It’s Normal. But when you see one of them chasing you, growling, or doing anything else a rabid animal would do… Kill them! It’s no longer your best friend or your mom. It no longer has gender, a facebook account, or an app to tell it how to walk like a zombie. It will attack you. It will kill you. It will not think twice about who you are. Do what they do and don’t think twice.

When Z-Day comes, I hope you survive.

Tip #2: Secure yourself

Shortly after detaching yourself from everything like we talked about in Tip #1, we need to find ourselves some basic security.

Typically, any house, apartment, townhouse, etc.. will do just fine. It doesn’t need have concrete walls with a barbed wire fence all around it.. It just needs to have walls to dimmer the sound you naturally make, and materials for weapons and food.

If you’re not inside, get inside the closest residence! (Careful, the people who didn’t detach to their homes will be very protective over it). Take a moment, think about all your exit strategies. Think to yourself, “If I was attacked by a horde right now, which exit would I use?”. Got it? Good. Now find a couple weapons. A large knife works, but can get very messy. A crowbar or bat-like object works too. And the first hit to the head never leaves splatter (less chance of infection, and can cause brain damage or death).

Remember: ALL areas you travel to are temporary. Even if it feels permanent just think of it as temporary.

Now that you’re in the mindset that every place is temporary, when you leave you need what?
Weapons? Check.
Food. Grab something that won’t rot and is high in carbs; a can of baked beans.
Water. Get a bottle and fill it with water.

Now we wait… This sounds stupid, I know… But wait, and recognize the patterns of the zombies as they walk by the house. Everything in nature has a pattern (habit), including humans and rabid animals. Most animals stick together. As of right now, they don’t need to group together because there is so much food (Your friends), but they will most likely stay within sight of each other. So keep a keen eye for when there is a considerable less amount of zombies in your area. Once you see the right time (and your gut will know), you leave – quickly and quietly.

But.. If we had security, why leave? Because when zombies start to run out of food, they create large groups called hordes or packs, and can get into almost anywhere with enough time. It’s best to get out of dodge now.

Where should I go?
Out of town, but avoid major exits. No freeways, no secondary highways.. Take a dirt path. If you come across any Walkers, take them down silently and continue on quickly.

Everywhere you go, follow the main premise of this tip. Secure the area, know your exits, new weapons, food and water.

The first few days are going to be the hardest – this should be the end of the first day. You made it! You have a good chance of living through this now.

See you at the end.

Tip #3: Be Quiet

Try not to ever make noise. I know this can be challenging at times, but it’s vital to your life that you stay quiet.
You can talk and converse, most of the time, but don’t go around shooting your gun. In fact, it’s better to use silent weapons. Melee weapons (hand held) might not be a good idea since it causes blood splatter, and raises your chances of becoming infected significantly. Try using a crossbow. This is usually the best way to go. It gives you distance AND it’s fairly quiet.Driving can be lethal as well. Unless you’re travelling a far distance, walking is your best choice. Again, because it’s more quiet. The last thing you need is to be driving 3 blocks, look behind you and find out your surrounded. Look ahead.. Surrounded! No vehicles for short distances!Children are often a burden. Don’t dispose of them though; train them. You need to make sure they don’t cause a lot of ruckus. This will be difficult, as kids very naturally like to play and be loud. They scream when they are scared, cry when they hurt themselves, and sometimes laugh loudly at small things.

Some people will try and take their dogs with them too. Bad idea! Dogs tend to bark and growl at things that are unnatural or scare them. One good bark from mans best friend could mean man is food.

While travelling, if you can avoid it, do not kill a zombie just because you can. This will be tempting for most of us. And even if you think you can do it quietly.. Think about the good thwap sound a corpse will make when it smashes into the cement. It’s best to let one zombie be, than to take the chance of a horde hearing you and having to deal with that.

These are just some examples of making noise. There are hundreds more. But a good rule of thumb:

Be Quiet!

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Zombie Evolution

Like a cold or the flu, this virus also mutates and evolves. Not nearly as fast, however.
Over the years we have seen many different types of zombies. This virus, or what we think is a virus, started by reanimating a human corpse. Slowly the corpse would get up and stumble around looking for brains to eat. It seemed after a few years, the virus got smarter and no longer wanted just brains. Our guess why: Slow zombies have a hard time catching humans and one brain isn’t much food for all that effort. So they evolved to eat all live human flesh and to move faster.

We’ve also seen zombies go from stumbling around and turning very slowly to zombies who sprint and turn within an hour of dying.
They have gone from being weak (needing 4+ zombies to break through a house window) to being faster and stronger and not recognizing any type of pain to limit their strength. As we as a society progress, so will this virus. We need to learnt o be once step a head of it at all times.

What could the next step of evolution for this virus be?

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Self Defeating Zombies

We found that a lot of people ask if zombies are self defeating? Some of their points include:
-They attack the top of the food chain
-They spread so rapidly that food will run out
-Starve to death or dehydrate
-Run out of energy
-etc etc.

So through observance, we started taking notes on this topic.
A couple things we noticed, is that a zombie does not use as much energy as a living person. We assume that some of their systems don’t work very well, if at all. ie: Their digestive system has to run at it’s most minimal setting at all times. It does not need carbs or proteins to restore dead cells, like living people do. It just needs enough energy to fuel the virus in the brain and some functions like eye sight.

Although this virus spreads faster than any other virus in history it is also noted that everything evolves to be the best and survive in any condition it can. We all have noticed that some zombies have turned to eating other animals such as dogs, cows, birds and anything else it can catch. The virus doesn’t reanimate the animal most of the time. As we see, through quick evolution, they have started learning to find other sources of food.

As for starvation.. They will starve to death… Eventually. By tracking a small group of Walkers we have noticed that some starve much sooner than others. And they have been known to last up to a few years! How they live so long.. we aren’t quite sure. Our hypothesis is that they go almost completely dormant by a hibernating bear. And it looks as though the virus feeds off the victims body for nourishment when it starts to run low. Which is why some zombies look like dried prunes.

More to come as soon as we find out more about their energy sources and uses.

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Do they rot completely?

Some think that zombies start to completely decay once they become.. zombies. Some think parts of them are preserved somehow. And others think that the zombies’ body regenerates cells that it needs to keep itself alive.

To answer this question, we have taken the time to study a few of these “dead heads”. Actually, that’s just it. It seems that this virus, or what we think to be a virus, will regenerate cells it needs but only in the head. If a zombies’ leg gets injured the virus will take no place in clotting the blood, to bruise, to ultimately heal itself. We believe they are the only species on the planet that do not try to heal themselves completely.
That answer is inconclusive.

What we do know is that a zombie will use some of its energy, through food (flesh), to keep everything in the head active and healthy. This is the primary reason why a zombie can hear you, see you, taste your flesh and possibly even smell you. Although it’s technically dead, to our standards, something it keeping it and some of its organs/senses active. We have also seen one blind bite victim gain her sight back. We are vexed as to how this can be possible. Maybe we have more to learn from this virus that we can gain from?

Now you know; sight and hearing are maintained and most zombies have them.
Remember: Stay low and stay quiet.

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